Located in between the up and coming area of Borg El Arab and the high end King Mariut, 10 minutes away from Borg El Arab International Airport, Nabta town is a sustainable Mixed Use Urban Development, which serves as an inclusive and highly attractive community - offering quality living, work spaces, educational facilities, culture and playgrounds to its residents and visitors – with the promise of Human Growth at its core. This will be experienced through the concept of Neighborhoods, where each will serve a specific function, creating synergy and integration throughout the town.

With sustainability at the heart driving community growth and development, it will be incorporated and delivered through the harmonization of urban and nature; with excellent public realm and open space elements, creating a highly accessible and connected place.

Nabta Town will invite its residents to experience a world-class community that offers seamless, modern, and knowledge driven living for generations to come, by utilizing leading edge technology and building innovation.


The Downtown Neighborhood is located at the core of the town hosting signature buildings with contemporary designs including residential smart homes, and a wide range of facilities and services including top-notch retail stores, F&B, community services, bank, state-of-the-art gym and indoor sports facilities


The University Neighborhood is a key part of the development, making up the higher educational and research component of Nabta Town. The University will cater for residents of the town and surrounding area. It includes a number of interconnected buildings and a campus accompanied by high quality open spaces, courtyards, external classrooms and informal learning areas, as well as a Main Square located in the center of the Neighborhood.


Defined by the iconic library building, the Cultural Neighborhood includes a number of defined cultural & recreational uses to create a defined cultural district including a library, museum, theatre, cinema, F&B and retail.


The Family Neighborhood is a predominantly lower density development compared to the core area of Nabta Town. It is formed of residential blocks amongst a number of community facilities including; communal areas, swimming pools, gardens, children playgrounds, as well as clinics and a clubhouse to serve the local residents.


The Commercial Neighborhood provides a mix of retail services which compliments the Downtown Neighborhood, and increases the reach of key services and facilities. The Neighborhood includes a variety of big anchors & retailers.


The Business Neighborhood includes a landmark hotel development, and a convention centre, office uses, co-working spaces, as well as ancillary F&B to serve the employees and visitors of the Neighborhood. Also high quality open space and outdoor meeting areas within internal courtyards will provide a unique and highly attractive area for both businesses and visitors to Borg El Arab.